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Brazil to take penguins back home [Aug. 1st, 2006|11:01 am]
Protect Our Penguins


From the BBC

Penguins stranded on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro will hitch a ride back home to Antarctica with Brazil's air force and navy, Reuters news agency reports.

It says more than 100 penguins will make the special trip later this month.

They will be flown to Brazil's southernmost region and then taken by ship to their Antarctic habitat, a military spokesman told the agency.

The penguins wash up on Brazilian beaches each winter after floating on Antarctic ice floes which melt.

Many of the birds, which are flightless, are usually taken to local zoos, Reuters says.

The penguins will initially be transported on a plane carrying equipment for an Antarctic naval base, before continuing their journey on a naval ship.

note:The picture in the article shows Emperor penguins, but these would be Magellanic